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Making Purchased Services Benchmarking Work for You

How do you know if you are getting the most competitive rates on your services contracts? The answer is you probably don't know and you are not alone. Most health systems just can't get their hands on reliable benchmark information for Purchased Services to help them get accurate rate assessments. Why is that? Learn the answer to this and more on our podcast, Making Purchased Service Benchmarks Work for You.

James Bouchard our VP of Operations at MedPricer, is a guest speaker on BMP Radio and will share:

  • Listen and learn how you can improve your services benchmarking podcastWhat people typically refer to as benchmarks and how they sometimes fall short of accomplishing their intended purpose
  • The factors that need to be addressed by a benchmark for it to be representative
  • What happens when poor benchmarks are used - even with the best of intentions
  • How companies can improve their services benchmarking

BMP Radio is hosted by Kelly Barner from Buyers Meeting Point, an online knowledge and professional development resource for purchasing and supply chain professionals.

Listen and learn how you can improve your services benchmarking and for additional information about benchmarking, refer to our two part blog series, Why Most Purchased Service Benchmarks Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It. For any questions you have about benchmarking, email James directly at jbouchard@medpricer.com.

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